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Since the ban on the more potent magic mushrooms in 2008, magic truffles are sold as legal substitutes for them by smartshops . Truffles contain the same active substance; psilocybin. They change the experience of reality, space and time. Your environment, feelings and perception are also experienced differently. The strength differs per species and per truffle. It is a natural product, so one truffle may contain more active substances than the others of the same kind. Magic Truffles can be used recreationally or to gain deeper psychological, spiritual or philosophical insights. Where to buy magic truffles

Where can I buy truffles in Oregon

The best and safest place to buy truffles online in Oregon is in a so-called, . We stress anyone planning on using truffles to be well-informed and well-prepared. Therefore, it is wise to choose a smartshop with knowledgeable employees that take their time to inform their customers well.

Magic truffles are one of the most extraordinary types of psychedelics in the world. These sclerotia are not technically mushrooms, but they are part of the same organism. If you are wondering what the difference is between these truffles and mushrooms, then you are not alone. Although both contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin, they are two different products.

How much do truffles cost?

Unfortunately, as is the case with many popular and rare products, fresh truffles are often too expensive to buy. Black truffles can go for as much as 500 dollars per kilo, while white truffles sometimes cost thousands of dollars. Magic truffles could go for as much as $35,- per 15 g, depending on the smart shop or online store. Where to buy magic truffles

This high price has to do with a number of factors. Not only are they becoming increasingly rare, but finding them can be quite a lot of work. Learn more here

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