Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms

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Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms

Allow us to introduce you to the legendary Texas Yellow Caps strain. These incredible magic mushrooms have been getting people lifted for decades. Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms

That’s because Texas Yellow Caps were created in the late 1990’s. For them to have lasted this long means that they’re a cut the average psilocybe cubensis strain.

Although not incredibly potent, the effects of Texas Yellow Caps will have you coming back again and again. In fact, they’re the perfect strain for beginners and experienced psychonauts alike. Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms

If you’d like to know all about Texas Yellow Caps and why they’re so special, then continue reading below. Shop For Magic Mushrooms Online Texas.

History of Texas Yellow Caps Strain.

The story of the Texas Yellow Caps strain is shrouded in mystery. The story goes that the strain was created by an amateur mycologist in 1998.

Whether this person actually lived in Texas or not is debatable. However, the lineage of this strain comes straight from the Lone Star State.

It all begins with the Texas cubensis strain. This classic strain is said to come from a P. cubensis strain native to the Texas and Northern Mexican landscape.

Someone took this wild strain and wrangled it into a domesticated version called Texas Orange Caps. This Orange Caps strain is already famous in its own right.

The thing is, this unknown mycologist took the Texas Orange Caps and isolated even better mushrooms. Thus, Texas Yellow Caps were born.

The Appearance of Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushrooms.

This strain’s name hints at how they look. However, they aren’t a drab yellow, but the mushrooms have a bright yellow-golden hue.

When growing, Texas Yellow Caps are of a medium to large size. The caps open out wide and take on an eye-popping yellow color.

However, once dried, the mushrooms often lose their bright yellow appearance. Don’t worry because they’re still a sight to behold.

You may notice spots or streaks that look dark or light blue on your dried mushrooms. These marks are called bruises, and they’re totally natural.

Much like bananas, mushrooms can bruise when they’re being picked, transported, or stored. So don’t worry if you see any bruises because they don’t reduce potency and are totally safe to eat.

Texas Yellow Caps Strain Effects

Texas Yellow Caps are a fantastic strain for having a well-rounded, deep, but not too overwhelming experience. That’s because Texas Yellow Caps cause deep introspection and reflection.

Texas Yellow Caps is also a strain that’s balanced in both mind and body. That means there’s an ease in the body that isn’t overwhelming and an uplifting sensation that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Taking Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

Texas Yellow Caps are the perfect strain for a recreational experience. They’re best when taken with people who you have a deep connection with.

The spiritual nature of these fungi has the power to deepen connections between people. It’ll be hard to keep from laughing as pure joy takes over.

Texas Yellow Caps magic mushrooms are also great for being out in nature. You’ll feel drawn toward the natural landscape as pure awe takes over.

The strain is also perfectly suitable for an evening at home or indoors. The relaxing nature of these mushrooms makes them perfect for a day off.

The creativity of these shrooms will allow you to find inspiration from thin air. Or, you’ll find joy in simply listening to music or relaxing in the yard.

Taking Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

A spiritual magic mushroom journey is a powerful trip that can have lasting mental health benefits. Modern science has even proved the healing power of magic mushrooms.

Basically, shrooms can help you process your emotions, dig into buried memories, or come to new perspectives. These things can help you get through and past difficult experiences and feelings.

The only thing is that going on a spiritual magic mushroom journey is no easy task. One needs to be open and ready for the experience mentally.

Not only that, but the environment also needs to be just right. This can be summed up as having the right set (mindset) and setting (environment).

Although way too complicated to sum up here, you can read more about set and setting here. It’s worth it to be prepared for the experience rather than go in blind.

After all, being prepared allows you to go on a genuinely eye-opening spiritual journey.

Once you’re ready, you’ll need a strong dose of the Texas Yellow Caps strain. The inherent spiritual nature of these mushrooms makes them an easy choice.

How to Dose Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushrooms

Dosing Texas Yellow Caps are as easy as can be. That’s because their potency is about average for psilocybin mushrooms.

That means that a chart like this one can help you get an idea about dosage:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose (should feel something)
  • .25-1g for a light dose (recreational dose)
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational dose)
  • 2.5-5g for a strong dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
  • 5g+ for a heavy dose (spiritual dose)

However, you still need to be aware of dosage. After all, the dosage can mean the difference between an easy-going experience to a full-blown spiritual experience.

Beginners can start at 1-2 grams for their first-time dose. This is perfect for a recreational experience and to get familiar with psilocybin.

More experienced psychonauts will want to dose higher than 2 grams for a good trip. Those looking for a spiritual experience will want to take 3.5 grams or more.

Magic Mushroom Dispensary Online Texas

The spirituality of Texas Yellow Caps magic mushrooms makes them one of the most sought-after strains. After trying ourselves, we knew we needed to get growing.

Here we find and grow top-shelf mushroom strains from all across the world. As you can see, we have only the best magic mushrooms for sale online in Texas.

Texas Yellow Caps are more than worthy of our collection, and we know you’ll love them. So try a pack today and see why the Texas Yellow Caps strain is so special. Shop For Magic Mushrooms Online Texas.

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5 reviews for Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms

  1. Cindy Hessel January 30, 2023

    I was extremely disappointed in theses shrooms at first. I took 7 G and didn’t feel a thing. So I started watching a movie before bed ( 4 hrs after consuming) BAM! I was destroyed! I’ve never had creepers like this before, Don’t put your guard down… I looked at myself in the mirror for ten minutes and I’m convinced it wasn’t me.

  2. Elsie White October 4, 2019 I literally fought my

    I literally fought my internal demons in an overproduced anime battle, it was awesome, would buy again. try mixing them with golden teachers, goes insane.

  3. Garfield Mante February 1, 2022

    These ones took a bit to kick in, but was high all got damn night.

  4. Hannah Kennedy December 31, 2019

    Very very nice. Ordered an Ounce, got more than that and mostly nice fat caps. Very high quality product, work just as they should. Thanks guys, nice job!

  5. Leanne Price January 22, 2020

    Wow..pretty potent shroomz..only took about 5 grams and was flying high. Thank you

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