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The intriguing name of the wollygong magic mushrooms comes from where they were first discovered. In honor of the Australian town of Wollongong, these amazing mushies are also known as Wollongong magic. buy wollongong magic mushroom.

Illawarra, a region in the Australian state of New South Wales, has Wollongong as its capital. According to legend, these stunning objects were discovered on the foothills that overlook Wollongong.

The strain was then cultivated, and the spores were immediately distributed throughout the world. Nobody is entirely certain who first cultivated this strain, like many other strains. In any event, they’re a staple strain in spore banks all across the world, so we’re delighted they did.

The Appearance of Wollongong Magic Mushrooms

The caps and stems of Wollygong mushrooms are easily identified by their characteristic cream-gold hue. Moreover, this variety has meaty stalks that are disproportionately huge to their cap.

Yet, the stems of Wollongong magic mushrooms may not appear to be very large when they are dried. Another characteristic you could observe on dried Wollongong mushrooms is an occasional hint of bluish color.

The bruising of the mushrooms causes the bluing, which is very normal. Due to the harvesting, storing, and transportation processes, magic mushrooms are highly delicate and easily become brown. Fortunately, bruising has no impact on the mushrooms whatsoever and is of little concern.

Effects Of Wollongong Magic Mushroom

Wollongong magic mushrooms have a vivid visual quality and are highly introspective, as we’ve already mentioned. With regular use, you’ll experience vivid colors and hallucinations that are followed by intense thoughts.

Recreational Use of Wollongong Magic Mushrooms

You must be cautious when using Wollygong mushrooms recreationally. Keep in mind that this strain is fairly potent and that it is simple to overdo it. But, you’ll have a great time as long as you don’t get too crazy.

When you establish connections with both nature and other people, everything around you will acquire a fresh perspective and meaning.

It’s advisable to consume this strain with close friends or other trustworthy individuals because it has an introspective effect. But keep in mind to use a safe area and never get behind the wheel after taking them.

Always bring enough supplies to last the duration of your vacation. We also advise having some music on hand as a pro tip. One’s interior environment can be altered by music, which can be useful for breaking a negative thought cycle for oneself or other people.

Spiritual Use of Wollygong Magic Mushrooms

Wollygong is the magic mushroom strain for you if you’re ready to experience ego death and to let go of your ego. You can enter another level of awareness by taking a lot of these mushrooms.

Wollygong mushrooms provide an extraordinary visual experience that is unmatched by any other strain at large doses. You must, however, be ready to go on a spiritual trip.

You need the correct internal and external environments in order to lose your ego. In essence, set and setting, a concept, is what it all comes down to. Set refers to your own internal state of mind.

That implies you must have as little in your mind—no obligations, concerns, or anything else—as feasible. The setting is the actual environment in which you will be traveling. The setting ought to be cozy, familiar, and unwinding.

The individuals nearby make up a portion of the environment. In a perfect world, you should only travel with one other trustworthy companion. Someone who can take care of you while you’re traveling is known as a trip sitter.

The person ought to have some psychedelic experience and be aware of how to prevent you from entering a difficult trip. You can be sure to experience the most mystical adventure of your life as long as you remember to maintain a decent set and setting.

How to Take Wollongong Magic Mushrooms

The amazing thing about Wollongong magic mushrooms is that there are countless ways to consume them; the possibilities are endless. Eating them raw or brewing a shroom tea are our preferred options.

You can always add some peanut butter to a dish to disguise the flavor of magic mushrooms. Making magic mushroom tea is a favorite of ours because eating mushrooms raw can cause sickness.

Prepare your Wollongong magic mushrooms in a blender, then measure out your dosage. The mushrooms should be mixed with some hot water, then steeped for ten to fifteen minutes.

A delicious cup of mushroom tea will be produced when the mushroom parts have been removed. Just be aware that mushroom tea kicks a bit harder and works a little bit quicker.

Our mission is to cultivate the finest magic mushrooms in the world. We therefore provide this Australian beauty known as Wollongong magic mushrooms. So put on your sunglasses, light the grill, and take a Wollongong for a truly amazing experience.

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3 reviews for Wollongong Magic Mushrooms

  1. Marlo McKenzie

    Beautiful strain. Took 3.5 grams on a camping trip and I have never had a better camping experience in my life. Everything was just dialed to an 11. The crisp air, sounds of nature, smell of wet pine trees. Really crazy time but insanely fun. Will definitely pick these as my outdoor adventure shrooms lol

  2. Rick Mitchell

    Excellent experience to my core! Great deep experience, nice visuals, and perception definitely shifted to allow me a clear view of my current thoughts

  3. Chelsea Rolph

    Fantastic product… What I expected in SAT’s, vibrant visuals with amazing sound distortion. Overall very happy with this product, taste is palatable, shrooms themselves are beautiful… Best way to consume these are whole, definitely will buy again, more than satisfied with the quality of this strain and the price is hard to beat!

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