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Moon Bars Chocolate Official. – Moon Bars will quickly transport you into space and give you the sensation of being on the moon thanks to the 250mg of THC in each bar. You can always find the dosage that is right for you with the help of the helpful dosage tracking chart on the back of each packet. These bars are amazing. The 250mg THC content of a 22 gram bar is equivalent to around (10) 25mg THC dosages. Moon Bars are helpful for relaxation, sleeplessness, and physical discomfort. Unquestionably, the high is one of creative potential and energy, but it also causes hunger, so keep some snacks nearby just in case. It is a highly helpful buzz for problem-solving and carrying out simple chores.

A Tips About – Moon Bars Chocolate Official

Together with Seattle Chocolate, we created this unique chocolate bar. Milk chocolate truffle bar called Moon Rocks has popping candy within! Enjoy this unique chocolate to celebrate.

Power, Efficacy, and Affordability.

I started with one dosage to test if I needed more given my low tolerance for edibles, but I didn’t. Even someone with a very high tolerance to edibles would undoubtedly enjoy the high after taking just 10mg.
Black Hole: This bar surpassed my expectations, despite the fact that I am a picky eater and only occasionally enjoy dark chocolate.
I took the authorized dosage of five little pieces, and after approximately 30 minutes, I noticed a difference.

I felt like a renegade comet, with heavy legs and drooping eyelids, and the couch corner looked like a black hole. My cheeks, shoulders, and even my feet—which I couldn’t muster the energy to take out of my shoes—all relaxed down to their lowest levels. In general, but much more quietly, I felt things similar to an Indica flower. Order this booming strain here: Moon Bar.

Although I ate the chocolate bar straight up, it also makes a straightforward ingredient for beverages. On a chilly, rainy day, it might taste good in hot chocolate, and I’d want to try it in a protein drink after working out. Furthermore, it can be used in cooking. This would be a great option if you wanted to drizzle chocolate sauce on top of a pastry like a croissant or turnover. If you cut the bar in half, the earthy chocolate flavor would make for a great s’mores experience. Although the sizes and flavors of the three packages I purchased were similar, the potency did differ dramatically from batch to batch. The popular Psilocybin mushroom chocolate bars are available at the magic mushroom store in the USA, click here to learn more about the strain


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3 reviews for Magic Moon Bars

  1. Estella Medhurst February 20, 2022

    Took 15 grams of these, by far the best trip I’ve ever had. My favorite strain thus far.

  2. Pete Walsh April 1, 2022

    Very good for first time users. Had 20 grams sometime and tripped out really good. definitely buying more, thanks for my package guys keep it up!

  3. Zackery Jacobs May 2, 2022

    Wow These Ones are Absolutely memorizing!! Super potent, i found it started of with a Beautiful Visuals both Open eyed an closed eyed. The joy an therapeutic peace within is just mind blowing an these effects only continue to get stronger over time.

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