Microdose Magic Mushroom Capsules (Focus & Energy)

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125mg – Dried Psilocybe

100mg – Reishi

100mg – Chaga 

Total number of pills in each of our microdose capsule packs is 30.

If you’re looking for a great way to get the benefits of magic mushrooms without the trip, then our microdose capsules are for you. These capsules will get you feeling energetic, focused, and feeling better than ever.

Buy Micro-dose Mushroom Capsule.

Our micro-dose capsules are a fantastic way to enjoy the health advantages of magic mushrooms without having to take a trip. You will feel more alert, focused, and healthy than ever after taking these capsules. Buy micro-dose mushroom capsule.

How? by putting just the right amount of magic mushrooms inside each micro-dose capsule. Also, we made the decision to create the top micro-

dose capsules available online. Buy micro-dose mushroom capsule online in Oregon.

The reason behind this is that we combined our micro-dose capsules with the medicinal mushrooms Reishi and Chaga.

Continue reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about our Magic Mushroom Micro-dose Capsules and micro-dosing in general.

What Is Micro-dosing?- Buy micro-dose mushroom capsule.

Using a psychedelic in a sub-perceptual dose, like magic mushrooms, is known as micro-dosing. This means that you ought to consume a quantity so small that you won’t experience any psychedelic effects. Buy micro-dose mushroom capsule.

Micro-dose often represent a very small portion of a standard dose. The sub-perceptual dose for magic mushrooms is approximately 0.25 grams.

Anything less than this ought to be considered a micro-dose. Since the sweet spot appears to be at or around 0.1 grams, the majority of people often take that amount.

The idea of micro-dosing is not new and has been used for more than 50 years. Micro-dosing, however, has just become popular in recent years.

Dr. James Fadiman is to thank for that. A book titled The Psychedelic Explorer’s Handbook was published by Fadiman. He describes his own LSD micro-dosing experiences as well as those of others in his book.

Since then, individuals have begun testing out micro-dosing, beginning with LSD. People started consuming magic mushrooms not long after, and the rest is history.

Why Micro-dose?

The purpose of micro-dosing is to regularly receive the advantages of magic mushrooms without having to take a trip. Consider attempting to consume a dose of magic mushrooms almost daily.

Your tolerance would soar, and it would be challenging to carry on with daily life as usual.

You can take a dose almost every day if you use micro-dosing. Many people discover that micro-dosing enhances mood, productivity, social life, and many other aspects of health.

Micro-dosing has a variety of advantages and can support people in their daily activities.

What’s in Our Magic Mushroom Micro-dose Capsules

The extraordinary mushrooms in our magic mushroom micro-dose capsules are blended together. You can use the energy and focus from these mushrooms to get through the day.

Each capsule contains a combination of Chaga, Reishi, and magic mushrooms Psilocybe cubensis. We selected these additional mushrooms to enhance the magic mushrooms’ stimulating, imaginative, and calming effects.

Psilocybe Cubensis Magic Mushrooms-Buy micro-dose mushroom capsule.

The magic takes place here. Our capsules provide 125 milligrams (0.125 grams) of dried, mixed magic mushrooms in each one. Micro-dose with the #1 psilocybe mushroom capsule store in the usa

For the majority of people, this dosage ought to be just right. Also, there is no chance that you will take a trip with this sum.

The psilocybin will still still have an impact on the brain.

Magic mushrooms are believed to support brain cell growth, maintenance, and increased connectivity. This suggests that magic mushrooms could be quite advantageous for maintaining brain health.


Asia has a long tradition of using reishi mushrooms for medical purposes dating back thousands of years. It is frequently referred to as the herb of spiritual potency in Chinese.

Recently, science has confirmed the notion that this mushroom has therapeutic benefits. Reishi mushrooms, they discovered, can strengthen the immune system, guard against cancer, combat weariness, and lessen despair.

Reishi users frequently experience an improvement in mood. We chose to combine a 100-milligram dose of reishi with our psilocybin mushrooms because of this.


Another therapeutic fungus used for ages in Asia and Siberia is chaga. Chaga has a variety of therapeutic advantages, it turns out.

Chaga strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, decreases cholesterol and blood sugar, and guards against cancer.

The stimulant effects of chaga are felt by many users. We therefore included 100 mg of chaga mushrooms in each of our capsules.

What Does Micro-dosing Feel Like?

You can still feel things even if you don’t experience the psychedelic effects. The majority of people discover that when they micro-dose, they feel less worried, cheerful, and confident.

Others experience a mild serenity that makes it easier for them to concentrate on chores or get through difficult situations.

How To Take Our Micro-dose Capsules

You must follow a timetable while administering a micro-dose. Schedules come in a wide variety of forms, some created by renowned mycologists.

For instance, Paul Stamets’ micro-dosing technique specifies a five-day on period followed by a two-day break. This covers a whole week’s worth of micro-dosing.

The body doesn’t build up a significant tolerance throughout the two days of rest. For this reason, a rest interval is advised by the majority of micro-dosing  methods.

This micro-dosing schedule is one that we advise beginners to follow. Our micro-dose capsules should therefore last for around six weeks on a single pack.

After all, the total number of pills in each of our micro-dose capsule packs is 30.

Remember that you may always try out different programs if this schedule isn’t working for you. Other strategies, like James Fadiman’s, call for taking a dose one day, waiting two more, and then taking another.

Every other day or even four days on and three days off are required by some protocols. To find out what works best for you, you can always experiment with your own timetable.

To avoid developing a tolerance, however, we advise taking vacation days.

Buy Magic Mushroom Micro-dose Capsule Online Washington

We wanted to make the best micro-dose capsules for sale online. That’s why we combined the best mushrooms together to create the most effective micro-dose capsules.

Our Magic Mushroom Micro-dose Capsules are far and away from our most popular micro-dose product. We combine dried, ground psilocybin mushrooms with ground reishi mushrooms, which are known to boost the immune system, have anti-cancer properties, fight fatigue and depression, helps with heart health, blood sugar regulation, and serve as an antioxidant.

We also mix in ground Chaga mushrooms. Chaga mushrooms are a nutrient-dense superfood that slows the aging process, lowers cholesterol levels, helps ward off cancer, lowers blood pressure, helps with mental health, and boosts the immune system as well as creative and focus abilities. These psychedelic mushrooms do have similar improvements on therapeutic effects regardless of their placebo effect.

Remember, a little goes a long way, and that’s especially true with magic mushrooms. Try a pack of our Magic Mushroom Micro-dose Capsules today, and see why micro-dosing is taking the world by storm. To know more about this product click here


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4 reviews for Microdose Magic Mushroom Capsules (Focus & Energy)

  1. Jonathan Hughes March 31, 2020

    I’ve sampled a bunch of different strains from psilocybemushroomcapsule and so far these are my favourite!!
    Easy on my stomach, great euphoric feeling and excellent visuals!!!

  2. Casper Larson February 12, 2021

    These mushrooms were amazing! I took 10 grams in a forest and have never experienced anything like that before! 100% worth it, definitely not for an inexperienced user. Take a small amount if you aren’t used to getting that high!

  3. Lewis Allen May 28, 2021

    I had maybe 28 grams of this, and was it ever potent. I had a bimodal trip, phase one being light visuals and great sensation, then an off period. The second phase was wild, had the cry of my life, and swear I visited heaven. This is an excellent strain, and I recommend!

  4. Lewis Allen May 28, 2021

    So far my fav. This one is all about vivid colors, love/chill and very uplifting

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