Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom

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Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom.

Ancient South and Central American societies used magic mushrooms to communicate with the gods. An intense spiritual, visual, and contemplative experience would follow eating the heavenly mushrooms. Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom.

You can now interact with the gods thanks to the Aztec Gods magic mushrooms. This is due to the amazing properties and potency of these magnificent magic mushrooms.

About these elusive magic mushrooms, not much is known. According to legend, several daring individuals embarked on a trek through Central America to look for these mushrooms.

Whoever it was, they were out to find the magic mushrooms that the ancient Aztecs had been using in what is now Mexico. The Aztecs utilized a type of fungus called Psilocybe aztecorum, which is the sole issue.

The Psilocybe cubensis that we are familiar with is considerably different from this type of magic mushroom, which prefers to grow on wood. This strain is definitely P. cubensis and not P. aztecorum, that much is certain.

This suggests that either the Aztec magic mushrooms were discovered in Central America or that they were a hybrid of two strains. The only thing we can be certain of is that this strain only recently arose. Whatever the case may be, we’re just happy this strain exists given how amazing it is.

The Appearance of Aztec Gods Mushrooms

Aztec Gods’ mushrooms have amazing appearances. These mushrooms are huge, have a wide, light yellow cap, and a thick stem, giving them a picture-perfect appearance.

The Aztec Gods  mushrooms shrink slightly, shrivel up, and some of the colors lose their vibrancy after drying. On your dried magic mushrooms, you can find dots that appear light or dark blue.

These blue marks, sometimes known as bruises, are quite natural. All magic mushrooms are susceptible to bruising, which typically happens during harvest, storage, or transportation.

Keep in mind that bruises are quite normal, and these benign blue patches have no effect on potency or safety.

Effects Of Aztec Gods  Mushrooms

A strain of magic mushrooms called Aztec Gods will transport you inside of your own head. It is reflective and will provide you with profound personal insights.

Aztec Gods  mushrooms are also highly uplifting, providing fantastic visuals and a focus-enabling mental clarity.

Recreational Use Of Aztec Gods  Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms from the Aztec Gods are fantastic for leisure use. To achieve the best results, you’ll need to dosage them properly.

Aztec Gods will make you feel incredibly connected to the people around you as long as you don’t take too much. A wide grin will cover everyone’s face as a result of the pure joy the magic mushrooms of the Aztec Gods have brought.

It’s critical to keep a few things in mind to provide the ideal leisure experience. First, after consuming magic mushrooms, avoid driving or using any heavy equipment.

Once you’ve arrived at the location where you want to experience a trip, take your magic mushrooms. You should remain there the entire time, which could take up to six hours, once you arrive.

During the duration of the encounter, you must pack enough food, drink, music, and positive energy.

Spiritual Use Of Aztec Gods Magic Mushrooms

A strain called Aztec Gods nearly seems to be created for spiritual use. These mushrooms are ideal for communicating with the gods because of their intense introspective qualities.

But you’ll need to take enough and prepare if you want to have a genuine spiritual experience. These preparations will leave you completely at ease and prepared to activate your third eye.

These preparations essentially come down to the well-researched idea of set and setting. Your physical environment is known as the setting, but your mental environment is known as the set.

This implies that the appropriate internal and external environments are required.

The environment should be as peaceful, comfortable, and unaltered as possible. There should be as few people as feasible because people are a part of the environment as well.

Setting preparation is easier than setting preparation. You should be relaxed and in a clear headspace, which is easier said than done.

You should take a few days off from work and clear your schedule in order to get in the right frame of mind. You’ll be able to have a truly spiritual experience when you’re stress-free.

How to Take Aztec Gods Magic Mushrooms

There are numerous methods to consume Aztec Gods magic mushrooms. The two most common methods are either eating the mushrooms raw or brewing a mushroom tea.

It’s simple to eat them straight up by weighing out a dose and saying “bon appetite”! Yet, due to the possibility of gastrointestinal upset, not everyone enjoys eating dry mushies. Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom.

Making a shroom tea is a popular choice because it only requires chopping or grinding your dose and adding boiling water. After the mushrooms have steeped for 10 to 15 minutes, you can sip the mixture and savor the experience.

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    I literally fought my internal demons in an overproduced anime battle, it was awesome, would buy again. try mixing them with golden teachers, goes insane.

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