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We provide a variety of wild and cultivated dried and fresh mushrooms online of the highest quality and best flavor to augment any carnivore’s diet. For wild mushrooms, we partner with foragers and observe the seasons around the world. In addition, expert cultivators grow organic mushrooms for us, so you can enjoy our high-quality mushrooms year round. Magic Mushroom Store offers a huge variety of magic mushroom products to buy. We provide everything from dried magic mushrooms, microdose shroom capsules, magic mushroom chocolates and magic mushroom gummies. Our most famous dried mushrooms online are the classic golden teachers and the brazilian cubensis.

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Magic Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by shamans, doctors, and people across the world and in Canada. They are fully organic and found all over earth. These amazing fungi allow humans to increase their openness to new ideas, experiences and connect in ways they have never before.

The feeling of taking magic mushrooms can be very therapeutic when done correctly and even many people who have had bad trips have reported a positive experience from it afterwards!


Micro-dosing mushrooms has also risen in popularity as it allows people to experience subtle effects of shrooms without being fully intoxicated. Microdosing is commonly described as the act of ingesting a much smaller amount (usually around 1/10) of the regular recommended dosage of a substance.

It has also become an entire subculture of psychedelic treatment where thousands of anecdotal evidence claim that microdosing has improved their mental clarity, productivity and has also helped decreasing common emotional ailments such as stress, anxiety and depression


Our psilocybin chocolate bars are made with the highest quality ingredients. The precise amount of psilocybin infusion ensures consistent micro dosing experience every time.

Together, psilocybin mushrooms and cacao give more depth to a psychedelic experience. Traditionally, it is said that psilocybin mushrooms open the mind, while cacao opens the heart.”

Why do people use magic mushrooms?

People have used magic mushrooms recreationally, of course, but also to deal with stress, to try to achieve an enlightened state of mind, as an escape from life’s troubles, or simply to relieve boredom.

Recently, researchers are finding that magic mushrooms may also have a tremendous number of mental/physical wellness applications

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We are obsessed with offering superior value to our customers. We don’t claim to be lowest priced in market but we guarantee that you cannot find equivalent quality for lower price. We don’t believe in offering fake discounts or sham offers, rather our promotions and discounts are designed to reward those who seek both quality and value.

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Our goal is to share our love of mushrooms with you and help our customers enjoy the best mushroom experience possible! That’s why we source only the highest quality products from the most reputable sources and growers.

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As psilocybin mushroom enthusiasts ourselves, we personally sample and test all products to ensure they meet our highest standards. We make buying shrooms online a breeze! In just a few clicks, you’ll have the shrooms you want at the best price, and we’ll ship your order directly to your door using fast, 2-day delivery.

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Magic Mushrooms: A Quick Guide

What Are Magic Mushrooms? What’s Psilocybin?

“Psilocybin” is the name given to the psychoactive compound that makes a magic mushroom trip so interesting and fun. It’s been described as a “gateway to enlightenment,” and the “great healer” and has been used for thousands of years by people seeking insight into their own emotions, habits and mental processes. Artists have used them to expand the bounds of their creative vision

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